Product FAQ

Understanding The Product

How do I find the product I am looking for?

The Napsack range is divided by season (summer, In Between, Winter and Bargain bin). Simply decide on your season and then click on the picture to select a size (small, medium, large). If we are out of stock of a particular size you will not see that size option.

What is the Bargain Bin?

These are end of range Napsacks where we only have 1 size left in a particular range. These items are discounted.

At what age can my baby start using a Napsack?

Swaddling is generally recommended from birth until baby is approx 4kgs. A Napsack can be used until a toddler is at least 36 months - even longer if they are still comfortable. (See Napsack Size Guide for a guide on sizing).

My Baby likes to sleep on its tummy – is a Napsack still advisable?

Yes. A Napsack can be used regardless of sleeping position as it is designed to keep clear of a baby's face. In addition, as babies start turning in their sleep the Napsack remains in position keeping your baby covered and warm throughout the night.

Will my baby get hot in a Napsack?

Napsack only uses breathable 100% cotton fabric. The sleeveless design allows for airflow and pajama layering. This means that you can dress baby according to the season, room temperature and a baby's individual needs.

Will Napsacks reduce the need for a heater?

Yes. By using the appropriate Napsack and pajama layering you can effectively control your baby’s temperature without using a heater. Benefits of this are reduced energy consumption (cheaper electricity bills!!!) and a reduction in the incidence of itchy, dry skin caused by artificially dry air.

Can I keep my baby in a Napsack whilst travelling in a car?

Yes. All Napsacks are car seat friendly.

What is the advantage of top-down zipping?

You only need to open the zip enough to get to baby’s bottom to change nappies. This means they don’t get completely unwrapped and cold in the middle of the night.

How do I know what size to get?

Look at the size guide and remember sizing is from shoulder down!

How do I know what season to get?

Look at the temperature guide for an indication on temperatures and clothing. Remember this is a guide only as each baby is different (in terms of how they feel the cold).