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At Napsack we love the fact that our baby sleeping bags help moms get their babies into effective sleep routines allowing you and your children to get a good night’s sleep.

Baby sleeping bags are a relatively new concept with South African moms but are used extensively overseas as they help babies and moms get a full night’s sleep by:

  • ensuring that blankets cannot be kicked off
  • helping to establish sleep and bedtime routines
  • providing familiarity and comfort for your baby
  • allowing for a quick and smooth transition between car-seat and cot
  • changing nappies without having to undress and wake up your baby

All this while reducing the risk of cot death by suffocation as blankets cannot smother your child.

The Napsack is a sleeveless, zip-up baby sleeping bag that allows babies to move freely in their sleep.  The summer range comprises of cotton baby sleeping bags and will keep baby covered & comfortable on warm nights. Baby sleeping bags for summer also help protect little legs from insect bites!

Our winter range baby sleeping bags are made with an Outer Layer of baby cord 100% cotton. Inner Layer is 100% cotton brushed cotton. The winter Napsack is padded for extra warmth on those chilly nights. The in-between range comprises of 100% brushed cotton inner and outer layer and will keep baby comfortable on cool nights.

All our sleeping bags are made from 100% cotton and have a range of fabrics and prints, sizes and weights. Because swaddling is generally recommended from birth until baby is approximately 4kgs. A Napsack can be used until a toddler is at least 36 months - even longer if they are still comfortable.

Our sizing allows for baby sleeping bags for newborns all the way to baby sleeping bags 18-36 months.

Please view the Product Guide for size and temperature guidance.