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Why Napsack

The Napsack is a sleeveless, zip-up baby sleeping bag that allows babies to move freely in their sleep.  All our sleeping bags are made from 100% cotton and have a range of fabrics and prints, sizes and weights.

Why use a baby sleeping bag:

  • Prevent sleep disruption caused by blankets falling off during the night
  • The risk of SIDS is decreased by keeping your baby’s face free of blankets
  • Bedtime routines can be improved as your baby associates a sleeping bag with going to sleep
  • Using a sleeping bag will prevent your baby’s feet getting stuck between crib bars
  • Sleeping bags are easily transportable and help reduce the trauma of going to bed in unfamiliar surroundings
  • Napsacks in particular are car seat friendly – babies can be transferred to and from the car without being woken up

Key features of the Napsack Baby Sleeping Bags:

  • They are made for all seasons – keep baby warm and snug in summer, winter and everything in between
  • Extra length for room to move and grow
  • Zip protector – fitted with zip protector to prevent chaffing and scratching
  • Easy access – zip from the bottom to allow for easy access making midnight nappy changes a breeze
  • All shapes and sizes – come in small, medium and large, catering for babies from 4kg up to the age of 36+ months
  • Car seat friendly – Partially unzip the front. Open the press stud flap at the back and pass the car seat buckle through the Napsack
  • Napsacks are manufactured using breathable 100% cotton fabric
  • The sleeveless design allows for airflow and pajama layering